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Mandy Dawson Farmer has released a new children’s picture book about dairy cows entitled Holly the Holstein Talks About Milk Cows. In this cute, colorful, and interactive book you will meet Holly the Holstein. Children under 9 will enjoy and learn about the life of a milk cow on a family farm. How much milk does a cow produce each day? Holly knows. How much does a cow eat? Holly knows. Pay attention as you read so you can answer Holly’s questions about the farm and the animals who live there.

Mrs. Mandy (as the children call her) was born and grew up on the family dairy farm in Louisville, Ohio. At age 13, her family moved to Wisconsin, cows, and all. She was heavily involved in the farm's activities, milking cows, raising calves, and fieldwork. Showing cattle with local 4-H clubs was an integral part of her life.

After high school, she attended Asbury University in Kentucky and moved to South Carolina to work. She and her husband pastored several churches in Georgia and Wisconsin for over 25 years. During that time, Mandy ministered to children by teaching Bible and music. She was also a leader in the homeschool community.

They have retired to Savannah, Georgia to be near their adult children. Mandy blogs at and writes Bible Studies for

For more information about the book and a kids’ book club, where you can obtain coloring pictures and more, visit

If you are in the Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia area. I would love to come read my book to your preschool or kindergarten and speak to them about growing up on a farm. 
If you live elsewhere, contact me for a video recording of Mrs. Mandy reading the book.

Contact Mandy at
100 St. George Blvd. #803
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